05 October 2011

the dock tour

dock tour from lisa beth anderson on Vimeo.

Our new place has river access, which means we're taking our breakfast and lunch outside on these beautiful autumn days. Here's Tim's tour.

09 September 2011

the wall oven

she says: He makes me breakfast every morning.
he says: And when she comes downstairs in the beautiful yellow robe—oh!—my heart just leaps.
she says (blushing): Hee.
he says: And then we go to the kissing place.
i interrupt (wanting to go to there): Where is the kissing place?
they say (simultaneously): By the wall oven!

13 March 2011

dena eats popcorn

eats popcorn

beardy sessions

I made a formal call for beards at Spark & Tumble and I've just started shooting my first round of bearded volunteers. Here are a few shots from last week's session.

Miller is insisting we make t-shirts, but I think I'll wait a bit to see how things evolve. Thanks to T for wearing that beautiful beard.

broadway & wilson